Repair / Servicing and Restoration of all Types of Watches, Clocks and Precision Instruments from 1600's up to Modern. Parts manufactured if necessary Museum Conservation Procedures available. Fusee Pocket Watches, European and American Pocket Watches, Patek Phillippe, Lange & Soehne, Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling Tag Heuer, Seiko etc Wrist watches

Mystery Clocks, Congreeve Clocks, Grasshopper & Gravity Escapements, Animations, Swiss - French - Italian - English-Austrian & German clocks. All Repairs and Restorations of the Mechanisms are carried out on the Premises by fully qualified Master Craftsmen.

Cases repaired if requested (Some Specialized Repairs /Finishes on Wood or other Exotic materials including genuine Gold plating/leaving will be carried out by Specialists in their Field and not on the premises).

We Guarantee all Work carried out for a period of Twelve Months, except breakages. For breakages replacement material costs (no extra labor) apply.

Following Examples of Previous Repair/ Restoration Work carried out on watches and pocketwatches.

>> Click here for Examples of Previous Repair/Restoration Work on Clocks.


Brequet Watch

Omega Kinetic Watch

Patek Phillippe Automatic Watch


Ladies Patek Phillippe Watch
old model

Patek Phillippe Day Date Automatic
back view of watch

Patek Phillippe Day Date Automatic
front view of watch

Early Patek Phillippe Movement

Piaget Quartz Watch

Musical Pocketwatch

Repeating Pocketwatch

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